We cannot possi…

We cannot possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time. The time is always right now.


He’s back

Ooh Whee I like comebacks. I like stories of triumph over tribulation and thriving after surviving. They inspire and make me smile.

My friend and former Top Chef TV show contestant, Timothy Dean has been through a lot. A couple of restaurant grand openings to grand closings and attempts at openings that never happened. He also suffered the loss of a loved one and nope he didn’t even make it to the final five on Bravo’s Top Chef: DC.

Well Chef Timothy Dean has pushed past all things that blocked his way and brought a new burger joint to The Boulevard at Capital Center in Largo, MD called TD Burger.

Although I’d been to visit my friend already I hadn’t yet tried anything on the menu until today.

Being among those that give up meat for Lent (LOL) I knew my challenge would be to find something else to eat. No problem. I ordered the grilled Ahi Tuna with Asian slaw – hold the bun but gimme those fries. Yummy!

My buddy Yaba did get a turkey burger and said it was in fact the best he’s ever had – WOW!

Chef Dean serves up his getting-to-be-famous burger many ways and he also has pizza that you can see all bubbly cheesy coming straight from that oven right in the front.

And most days and nights of course the Chef himself is there grilling and chilling and chatting with the folk that stop by to support him and to taste the flavor he brings to those burgers on the boulevard.

Ok some quickies. I hear the newest DC Food Truck, the Chick-fil-A truck is already having a successful roll around town.

Oh and there’s a new Teaism in Alexandria, VA next to the Trader Joe’s. If you go for lunch try the Saigon sub. It’s seasoned ground white meat chicken on grilled baguette with a bit of mayo, shredded carrot-daikon pickle, red chile & cilantro – tasty. This location seems to be bigger than any of the others in DC. It’s really big.

Shout out to the NBC local show on Non Stop called “Foodies.” You still can’t make me wanna try a T-Bone soaked in blueberries but some cool stuff you guys. I like.

But to the artist whom I love who is all up on a table in a Burger King singing “crispy chicken…” for the new campaign…uhh…NO! LOL

That is all for now.